The Complete Student-Athlete Experience: Academic Services

Our goal is to fund the complete student-athlete experience. Contributors to the I-Club fund scholarships, team travel, medical and athletic training, equipment and uniforms, academic services, nutrition, and strength and conditioning.  Your gifts enable us to provide the best possible experience for our student-athletes.

During the 2015-16 athletics year, we will highlight the seven areas that make up I-Club members' investment in the complete Hawkeye student-athlete experience.

Academic Services

Academic Services: An average of $2,332 is spent per year, per student-athlete, on team travel. 

The lives of student-athletes are busier--and more complicated--than ever. With increasing demands on their schedules--both on the playing surface and in the classroom--it’s a challenge to juggle the daily demands as a collegiate athlete.

With long days of competitions and practices, classes, travel, and weight training—all while trying to stay caught up with a rigorous academic workload—UI student-athletes rely heavily on the individual support they receive from the student-athlete academic services staff and the Gerdin Athletic Learning Center.

To help reach their goal of molding future leaders, the Russell A. and Ann Gerdin Athletic Learning Center was built in 2003 thanks to the generous support of the Gerdin family. The Russell A. and Ann Gerdin Athletic Learning Center provides a structured learning environment with resources student-athletes need to assist them in realizing their academic goals. In addition to providing study space, tutoring, and more, the learning environment created by the Gerdin Athletic Learning Center also fosters the kinds of educational programming that positions student-athletes for real-world success upon graduation.

“We want our student-athletes utilizing the academic services office and the Gerdin Athletic Learning Center to its fullest—that’s my main goal every day,” says Liz Tovar, Associate Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Academic Services. “We strive to have a dedicated space with a wide variety of programs available that truly meets our students’ needs to help them develop and maintain a well-balanced lifestyle.”

Since its inception in 1979, it has grown to a nationally prominent student support services operation with its sole purpose to offer academic and personal support to student-athletes to assist them in making successful progress toward their degrees. The academic services staff are committed to fulfilling their motto, “Today’s Hawkeyes are Tomorrow’s Leaders.”

In addition to the structured environment offered by the Gerdin Athletic Learning Center, student-athletes also have access to tutoring and study services, counseling and academic support, life skills programming opportunities, community volunteering. These events and more provide student-athletes with a balanced academic and athletic experience while building the foundation for future success in their lives.

“The academic support I received from the Gerdin Athletic Learning Center and the advisors and counselors changed my life,” said Javy Perez, former ‘Herky the Hawkeye’ mascot and 2015 UI graduate. “Midway through my second semester my grades were not good and it was beginning to look like I might not make it. After joining the Iowa Spirit Squad, my life completely turned around thanks to the support I received, networking opportunities, and career advice provided by the academic services staff.

“Support from the I-Club, the academic services staff, and the University of Iowa made my experience possible. I graduated with the highest GPA in my college career and placed fourth in the nation at the Mascot National Championships, and have secured my first job in my desired career field.”

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