Linn County I-Club Spring Banquet

The Linn County I-Club hosted over 400 Hawks at their annual I-Club banquet on Thursday evening, welcoming guests to the Hotel at Kirkwood Center on the campus of the community college for the first time in the event’s history.  The media took the opportunity to catch up with Fran McCaffery and Gary Barta right as they entered the facility, in search of recruiting updates and information about the immerging Men’s Basketball program.  Guests enjoyed the social hour as a chance to visit with Iowa coaches and staff as well as look over the many silent auction items ranging from signed prints of Dan Gable, Kirk Ferentz and others plus an hour appearance by Herky the Hawk.

Coaches Norm Parker and Tom Brands were in attendance as well, along with women’s basketball coach Shannon Gage.  The evening’s program was led by former Hawkeye great and Hawkeye Radio Network color man Bobby Hansen.  The interchange between the coaches is what makes the I-Club events so special, with this year’s Linn County edition being no different.  Coach Shannon Gage is originally from Oklahoma and commented that the people of Iowa are very friendly and welcoming, exactly like the people of Oklahoma.  When Tom Brands stepped up to the mic, he said he “needed to get some facts straight.  The people of Oklahoma are NOTHING like the people of Iowa!”  This was met with much applause from the very wrestling-savvy crowd, who understand the intense wrestling rivalry between Iowa and Oklahoma.  Brands also corrected Coach Norm Parker, who mentioned earlier in the program that Tom had won two national championships in a row.  Tom said “no one’s counting, but if they were - it was three national championships in a row.”  More comments from the podium can be found on Twitter, @hawksontheroad.

Linn County I-Club volunteer Wes Cooling was largely responsible for the table sales and organization of the event, which was not only a packed house in a beautiful facility, but was loaded with silent auction items as well which bring in valuable contributions for UI Athletics. 

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