Hawkeye Facilities Update

The Iowa Hawkeye baseball team is expanding their state-of-the art playing surface to cover the entire field. Phase Two of the renovations to Duane Banks Field will push turf to the outfield, as well as replace the outfield fence with a regulation wall. A 28-foot tall, 39-foot wide, fully digital, high-definition scoreboard will also rise above the field to display live-feed video, instant replays, scores, and more. 

The University of Iowa Athletics Department does not receive support from state tax dollars or institutional funds, so private donations are enabling the updates. Head baseball coach Rick Heller says the new turf allows him to hold practices for his team later in the fall and earlier in the spring. “There are a lot of days in February and March where you can get outside, if you have turf. To play baseball in the climate we play, you have to have turf if you want to give yourself a chance to be the best. This project will give us as good a playing surface as anybody in the country.”

The remarkable facelift to Duane Banks Field will also impact the community supporting Our Hawkeyes. Fans of all ages will have the ability to experience what it is like to take the field as a Hawkeye with a durable facility available for camps, tournaments, and special events. However, this opportunity is limited to the home of the Hawkeyes, as the only Division I baseball program in the state.

As baseball renovations wrap up, the Iowa football team has a chance to enjoy the new Stew and LeNore Hansen Football Performance Center. The public opening will be later in the year, but Our Hawkeyes have had the opportunity to utilize the new operations building since early December. Construction on the 108,053 square foot area started in March of 2013 and completed in the fall of 2014. It houses coaches’ offices, team meeting/position rooms, an athletic training area, strength and agility training, an equipment room, locker rooms, a video editing and production area, and a new lobby space in the entrance.

The new center is an excellent recruiting space and a comprehensive building for football operations, making it a great resource for the Iowa football team. Later this year, the lobby will also be open to the public and will hold pieces of Iowa football’s rich history. With a convenient location on the northwest side of Kinnick Stadium, the Stew and LeNore Hansen Football Performance Center will be a fresh attraction for Hawkeye fans on game days next season.

To learn more about giving opportunities associated with capital projects, please visit www.jointheiclub.com.

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