Our Responsibility as an Athletics Booster

What is NCAA Athletics Compliance and why is it important at the University of Iowa?  There are many perceptions that are drawn by alumni, friends of the program and fans about what purpose a Division One compliance office serves.  At the University of Iowa, we strive to maintain the highest standard of ethical conduct and having a communicative, effective, and customer service-oriented Athletics Compliance Office is a key component in achieving that standard.

As a member of the NCAA, the University of Iowa is responsible for the actions of its student-athletes, coaches, and staff members, as well as our alumni, boosters, and fans.  The Iowa Athletics Compliance Office recognizes this responsibility and is committed to providing consistent, accurate, and impactful rules education programs for all of our constituents.  Throughout the year, the Iowa Athletics Compliance staff meets with our student-athletes and coaches to make clear the NCAA rule expectations we must abide in order to run a “clean program”.  The Athletics Compliance Office stays vigilant in keeping student-athletes, coaches, and staff members abreast of new NCAA rules and interpretations that may impact a variety of subjects from recruiting to eligibility to financial aid to permissible benefits.

On top of educating our Athletics Department members, Athletics Compliance is charged with reaching out to other groups that interact with members of the Athletics Department.  Those efforts range from educational initiatives with our campus peers like the Admissions Office, Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid Office and Iowa Faculty and Staff to meeting with Alumni Groups and Friends of the Program (I-Clubs, IOWA Clubs, etc.).  Our efforts are meant to assist all of these various groups in understanding the fundamental principles of NCAA Division One Compliance and the how it may impact them personally.   Iowa Athletics Compliance believes that working collaboratively with campus constituents and outside groups is the most impactful way to spread our message.

Finally, at the core of our mission, is protecting the integrity of the University of Iowa and our Iowa student-athletes.  We recognize the impact of what can happen to an institution of higher learning when NCAA infractions are levied against it and the perceptions that end up being drawn.  That is why our office strives to communicate and educate NCAA rules that can potentially impact our University, Athletics Department and student-athletes.  The eligibility of our current student-athletes and our prospective student-athletes is paramount so we ask that all Iowa Boosters and Friends of the Program take a minute to check out our website on HawkeyeSports (http://compliance.hawkeyesports.com/). 

Our partners at the University of Iowa Foundation have also posted our Iowa Booster Brochure to their website which provides information on NCAA recruiting rules related to Boosters, along with reminders about Booster relationships with current Iowa student-athletes.  The Iowa Athletics Compliance Office welcomes any and all communication with our Boosters and Fans.  We can be contacted by email at compliance@hawkeyesports.com or by phone at 319-335-9598.

We thank you for all the support you give to our program and our student-athletes.  We are invested in the mission to WIN.GRADUATE.DO IT RIGHT.

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