Update: Duane Banks Baseball Field Enhancements

One of Rick Heller’s first priorities when he was named head coach of the University of Iowa’s baseball team this summer was to update the playing surface for his team.

"It was one of my goals to get done," said Heller. "I felt like if we could do it this fall, it would show everyone there is a renewed commitment to baseball at the University of Iowa."

The University of Iowa Athletic Department and the UI Foundation are committed to helping Coach Heller achieve his goal by launching an initiative to install artificial turf on Duane Banks Field. The new playing surface will provide student-athletes and coaches the ability to extend their practice seasons into the fall and spring, and will enable more efficient training and preparation.

"We'll be able to be out a little longer in the fall, and in the spring, there are a lot of days in February and March where you can get outside if you have turf," said Heller. "To play baseball in the climate in which we play, you have to have turf if you want to give yourself a chance to be the best. This project will give us a playing surface that’s as good as any in the country." 

For more information on this project, and how you can help our student-athletes train to be the best, contact Tom Moreland at the University of Iowa Foundation.


Tom Moreland
Associate Director of Development
Intercollegiate Athletics
The University of Iowa Foundation
(319) 467-3850 or (800) 648-6973
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