Linn County I-Club Hosts Golf Outing

The Linn County I-Club launched its first ever golf outing in support of Iowa athletics last week, hosting almost one hundred people for golf and dinner at Elmcrest Country Club in Cedar Rapids.

Wes Cooling, Linn County I-Club President and chief organizer of the event, shared that a lot of board members and volunteers in the Cedar Rapids area helped out and that the event was a great success in year one due to great participation from the membership. The event raised funds that will be donated to the I-Club from the Linn County I-Club chapter.

Cooling shared, “Everyone who gives to the I-Club in support of Iowa athletics is an I-Club member. Those who live and work in Linn County take special pride in being Linn County I-Club members. We thought we could build on that pride, and generosity and start something that can grow into a nice gift from our area.”

The event hosted 19 groups, with most groups also having a UI celebrity golfer play with them.  Some of the celebrity golfers included Jack Dahm, Sherman Dillard, Kirk Speraw, Kenyon Murray, Greg Brunner, Duez Henderson and many others.

Participants were able to register for the event using paypal, a new feature added to last year. Cooling reported that over half of the groups that signed up for the event used this feature. Please visit www.jointehiclub .com for up-to-date information about giving, football game day parking, I-Club benefits and more!

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